Chad Hancock Foundation for Young Adults Support Fund

Monday, 6th December 2010

The Chad Hancock Foundation in conjunction with the Women's & Children's Hospital Foundation and with the help of Sharon Bowering (Cancer Care Coordinator Adolescents & Young Adult) have set up a support fund, with the sole purpose of helping those suffering with cancer to pay those bills that continue to roll in.  

We are happy to say that since the inception of this fund, we have payed over $30,000 worth of bills, including power bills, council rates, telephone bills and even providing food vouchers to ensure that there is food in the house when they leave the hospital. 

This is one of the reasons the foundation was first established and as long as our money is going to the right people, will continue to throw our support behind this very important program.

Sharon has provided us with a thankyou from one of the couples we have helped:

Dear Chad Hancock Cancer Foundation

We would just like to say a huge thank you for the support that we received via Sharon, Kate and your AYA cancer group.  We had an electricity and phone bill paid by your organisation and it really helped relieve some of the financial pressure during my cancer treatment.

Thanks Heaps

Brenton & Leanne

This makes it all worthwile!!!

Canteen over 18's Revolving Recreation Days

Monday, 6th December 2010

The Chad Hancock Cancer Foundation is supporting Canteen by providing funding for them to put on revolving recreation days for cancer sufferers over the age of 18. 

The goals of this program include:

  • Developing a flexible program meeting the age appropriate needs of the members
  • Create an opportunity for Members to establish peer support networks with other members of similar ages.
  • All young people living with cancer to have access to quality respite and recreation opportunities.
  • Provide support in managing the practicalities of daily living.
  • Improved awareness of the potential spiritual/existential issues relating to the your person's cancer experience.
  • Broaden social awareness.
  • Increase awareness of age appropriate issues.
  • Help gain an understanding about moving on from CanTeen.
  • To celebrate and have fun.

We plan to continue supporting CanTeen in their efforts to help young adults deal with cancer.