We closed July 1, 2024 and remaining funds transferred to the Women's and Children's Hospital Foundation


It has been 20 years since Chad passed away on the 30th June 2004 and we have operated the foundation for almost all of this time. We have raised in excess of 1 million dollars to support other charities to support young adults with cancer.

We donated an extra $100,000 to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation in November 2023 and a further $12,640 at the foundation’s closing.

These funds will be held in a separate fund called the Chad Hancock Young Adult Support Fund and will continue Chad’s legacy by continuing to pay bills for young adults until the fund is exhausted in, we hope, 10-plus years.

We would like to thank all the sponsors, the committee and many, many supporters throughout the years, and we should be proud that we have made a difference.

If people would like to know more or wish to donate to the W&CH Foundation please call either:
Mark Haynes on 0409 132 403
or Verity Gobbett, Head of Mission W&CHF 08 84647900